Sunday, April 19, 2009

The arboretum

The arboretum is part of the master plan of an affordable housing development using alternative building methods.

I designed the arboretum as the focal point to the master plan. This project was for my senior studio. The idea is for the arboretum to act mainly as a rainwater collection system located in the middle of the community, as well as host a variety of plant species for educational purposes. The center of the arboretum is open to the sky where rainwater collects into a compluvium. When standing inside during a rainstorm, a dramatic water fall cascades into the space.

The structure is primarily constructed of cmu blocks, glass blocks, and corrugated metal roofing.

Underneath the structure is a holding tank for the water to collect, along with a pump which is activated by the play pump in the playground above. When children play on the play pump, they are actually pumping water out of the tank for use.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earthship Internship

As some of you know, I was accepted for the May internship at The Greater World Earthship Community in Taos, NM.

I am really honored to be accpeted to this position and hope it will open up my world and my perspective.

I have two weeks before I go and thought I would be staying in one of the youth hostels in town, but have found out they are not very good to stay in for long periods of time. I thought maybe camping would be an option at the hostel, and had resigned myself to sleeping in my tent for a month.

My partner in crime, and fellow intern, is this lovely lady, Kat:

She is from Scottland, staying in Mexico at the moment, and has decided to tag along with me during the internship, as well as coming back to Texas with me afterwards.

So she and I decided, ok, tents it is! Then we simply asked the nice people at the Earthship Community if they had any other options and they offered us one of the small earthships to stay in for only $500 for the entire month!
They sent along these pictures with the email:

OH YAH! We can't believe our eyes either. Kat and I are so damn excited we can hardly see straight,...and can't wait to get to our humble abode.

Stay posted as the trip progresses!