Monday, August 24, 2009

The Interns

"If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail." -Winston Churchill
Here they are:
my fellow interns
my comrades
my brothers
my sisters,....

From across the pond, came three of the loveliest boys.
Russell, my mate from Australia, always available for some funny words, or simple, heartfelt advice.

Sweet little Martin, from Edinburgh, who is always happy and always smiling,... and always funny. This is him doing the robot.

And Oliver, "Oli", who I didn't get to know very well or get an individual picture of, but I enjoyed every minute I spent with him. Here he is (in the red jacket) with all the other boys.

Ben Gluck, from New York, is a kind cook. Apparently he had a hand in feeding everyone while in Nogal. Here he is cooking for a party at Seth and Damien's house. Might I add, he is talking on the phone the entire time! Amazing!
Then there is Louisiana Ben. He is the youngest of all of us, the most excited and has the most energy. He taught me how to pound my first tire,...the last day of my internship!
Here he is (in brown shirt) happily showing around some of his friends.

Then we have the elusive Astrid, from Oregon, who is Chilean. Astrid is a very interesting girl, very sweet, soft spoken artist. I got the pleasure of having Astrid for a roommate my last few nights in Taos and I was so happy to have her around.

Miss Kat, originally from Edinburgh as well (she and Martin were born in the same hospital a few years apart), but living in Mexico. Kat came in quietly and stayed behind to continue on in Taos. She has a dream and a goal: to build sustainable hostels for travelers. Here she is with Jimmy.

And of course, last but not least, (I hope) is me. I am Jana, from Texas.

In all our glory and all our charm, here we are, the interns of May 2009. What a lovable group! In our best Charlie's Angel's pose,....

But it wasn't just us, and we can't forget those who joined us.
On the "unofficial", but very important, intern roster we had a few others.

Ann, from Boston, who came in the name of Jimmy, with Erin in tow. (sorry didn't get a picture of Erin). If we were all one body, Ann would have been the skeletal system. Always supportive and strong. Lots of great advice. Great girl! Here she is kicking ass in a volleyball game with a double rainbow behind her.

Here we all are eating sushi on Ann and Erin's last night in Taos. Also in this picture is Heather, also from Boston, in the pink sweater, who showed up a few days before we left and took some amazing pictures.
And of course we weren't as soar as we could have been if it weren't for Erica, from Orlando, our yoga instructor and spiritual guide. Here is the beautiful Erica, my partner in coffee shop crime.
And last of all unofficial interners, hanger oners, and earthship family is our friend, Paul. Attacked by hummingbirds, camera in hand, acrobatic-ing, and acting like he really didn't love us, even though we KNOW he adores us, he is silhouetting a gorgeous sunset,............ and we say goodbye,..for now.

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