Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week One Misc.

As I drove into town today from the mesa, it hit me. I am in love with Taos. I remember feeling this way over 10 years ago as I drove down Oceanside Blvd. and encountered the Pacific ocean for the first time. It is an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort. A feeling like I belong.

What this community is doing here is remarkable. Everyone comes together as one, works together as one. I am amazed at what is accomplished on a daily basis. Next to the visitor's center is an experimental site. Mike Reynolds is building a two story, tower structure made of tires and cans. Here is a picture of the tower from my job site. If you look closely you can see Jonah, Mike's son, pounding dirt into tires.

This picture is an upclose of the previous one. This door frame was built by Mike in place, about 15 feet off the ground, as opposed to building it on the ground, then hoisting it into place. The crew was amazed he did this and did such a good job with only a circular saw. The doorway will be lined with a bottle wall which will let light into the space through colored glass.

Here is the new visitor's center I am helping build the archway for. This is Russell, my mate from Australia. He and Ted, our boss, are putting up blue board insulation along the tire wall.

As we were working Wednesday, I looked over and a dust devil was forming. Check out the view as well. This is what we look at everyday on the job site.

Here is Tim putting on some tunes and Russell hanging out about to eat his lunch. We are sitting inside the future greenhouse of the new visitor's center. It stays amazingly cool inside all day even though the temperature is rising into the 80s here and there is no insulation on the structure yet.

Me and my mate, Russell.

And back at home. This is the view from the living room of the Hut, where I am staying. I tried to take a picture of the full moon shining through the windows last night, but it didn't turn out so well. I am sure you can imagine how spectacular the shadows of the plants look in the light of a full moon.

Moon rise over the mountains last night:



  1. Loving it. You just look so happy!

  2. I do so share your love of Taos. It felt very special to me when I was there ... somehow spiritual. (Or then again, maybe my brain is just happier in that high altitude and arid climate, when I'm not breathing Texas coastal plain oxygen saturated hot humid air)

  3. Had fun visiting you and seeing the Earthships!
    So much fun to stay in..I already miss the stars through the skylight and the crickets near the kitchen. The only way I can describe it is like the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. When you are cruising along the swamp peacefully and the guy is rocking in his chair just hanging out on the porch with his dog and a lantern...It feels like you are outside but you are inside this ride with a controlled climate. It was more comfortable than I had imagined and I really want one(even though they are so much work to build). You are working hard yet you seemed so relaxed, peaceful and happy. I can't wait to see the greenhouse you build with all this knowledge.