Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week Two

Monday morning started soon enough after a relaxing weekend. Life is interesting living in an Earthship. Each earthship has a planter inside the house which serves to filter the sunlight which pours in as well as serve as a black water filter. To put it bluntly, black water is sewer water and it goes through a number of filters inside and outside, some of which are planters. For more information on this systems see: http://

I have learned in my years of gardening, where there are plants, there are bugs. The indoor earthship planters are no exception. Nightly I am lulled to sleep by the chirping of crickets. It gives the sense of sleeping outdoors. It is quite relaxing.

Well, I will give you a tour of one of my days at work.
This is the front door of The Hut. Like most earthships, it has a very artistic front door. One of the guys I am working with, Tim, built this front door.

I walk to work most everyday, and as I am leaving, Dooley, the neighbors dog, walks with me. Here he is waiting for his daily walk.

Here Dooley goes, trudging ahead of me, leading the way.

And he is off! Wait up, Dooley!

My walk is about 35 mins. This is the road leading to the vistor's center where I work. It is the last set of buildings in the distance off to the right of the picture.

Since so many people complained about not seeing pictures of me, I stopped to take a pic of myself. That's me with the mesa in the background.

This week, I worked inside which was a nice break from the hot sun and windy afternoons. This is a picture I posted last week of one of the can walls inside.

This is that same can wall after Tim, Ted, and I worked on it. The cans go all the way up meeting the vigas.

A shot of inside the building and how the doorways meet with the can walls.

On Wednesday, we began plastering over the back can wall which serves as insulation on the back of the earthship. Here is Mike, one of the crew members, carrying a load down from the back. You can see the archway Tim and I worked on last week on the left of the picture.

Here is the can wall we plastered.
Upclose of the wall before and after plastering.

And here is another picture of me, except this time after work. I come home absolutely filthy and exhausted! but look, a smile! ****

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  1. I find these earthships amazing. I need to go back to an earlier blog to see where I must have missed something about can walls (purpose of the cans etc.) Looks like you are getting quite a work out! Also I need to try to figure out how far outside Taos you are, in which direction. I'm wondering what the people are like ... and weren't you supposed to have a roommate?